CF_Query2StrArray is a ColdFusion custom tag that will convert a query to an Array of Structures. Click here to download.


CF_GoogleMap is a ColdFusion custom tag that creates all the necessary JavaScript needed to include a Google Map on your site. Click here to view the project page.

CF Admin Utility Extensions

Some common utilities for the ColdFusion administrator. Things that are hidden or take multiple clicks are just now 2 clicks away.

Session Swap

SessionSwap is a ColdFusion custom tag that is integrated into your Application.cfc OR Application.cfm and OnRequestEnd.cfm. It takes the user's session scope and serializes it into a string that is then stored in the database. From request to request if the session is changed then the database is updated. If the user gets bounced to another ColdFusion server or if the server restarts between requests the tag will rebuild their session scope on the new server. Even if you have a CFC stored in the session scope it will properly serialize it and recreate it.


A shameless plug for my wish list.