Presentation - ColdFusion on Apache

Would you like to remove the hypodermic needle of IIS from your local development or production systems and jump over to Apache but never knew where to start? About 2 years ago I started using a laptop and needed to work on multiple websites and the whole localhost development in IIS just did not cut it.

We will be going over the following 1. How to configure Apache and ColdFusion. 2. Setup multiple websites 3. Point different Coldfusion instances to be used on different websites

Please let me know if there is anything else that you would like to cover and I will see about adding it to the presentation.

This meeting will be in person and via Breeze as I am still shoveling myself out of all this snow in Colorado.

Edit: The meeting is tonight at UAT at 6:30pm MST Adobe Connect

Ray Camden on Spry

Tonight the AZCFUG and FMUG.AZ is having a joint meeting. We have the honor of having Ray Camden talk to us about Spry; the AJAX framework from Adobe.

The meeting will be at UAT tonight at 6:30. If you are unable to join us in person please join the meeting via Breeze.

Intro to Reactor - Recording

Meeting tonight - Intro to Reactor

Tonight we will be going over an Intro to reactor and building a sample CRUD application from scratch. There is no FMUG meeting so there will be plenty of time for some drinks afterwards.

Adobe Announces Immediate Availability of Adobe Flex 2

Today Adobe announced the availability of the Adobe® Flex(TM) 2 product line and Adobe Flash® Player 9 (see separate release), and introduced a new tiered licensing model to bring the power of Flex development within reach of every application developer. With powerful tools based on Eclipse(TM), a robust data services offering, and the introduction of the free Adobe Flex 2 Software Development Kit (SDK), Adobe is equipping developers to build a new class of rich Internet applications with improved usability and effectiveness.


Pricing and Availability


The Adobe Flex 2 product line is available now in English. The Adobe Flex 2 SDK, which includes the Flex framework and command line compiler, is available free of charge. Adobe Flex Builder 2 is available for an estimated street price of US$499. Adobe Flex Builder 2 with Charting is available for an estimated street price of US$749. Adobe Flex Data Services 2 Express, which includes a single full production license for deploying applications on a single CPU, is available free of charge. List pricing for Adobe Flex Data Services 2 is US$20,000 per CPU plus maintenance and support. Volume discounts and custom pricing structures for ISV/OEM customers also are available. For more information about Adobe Flex 2, including system requirements and supported platforms, please visit


To help developers immediately start building rich, expressive web applications, Adobe has made a variety of online and in person learning resources available through

Ben Forta on ColdFusion + FlexBuilder 2

I'm sorry to say that Ben will not be making it down after all. Let's hope that we can get a Breeze presentation on the subject.

The March meeting is not going to be at our regularly scheduled date and location for good reason. On Monday March 20th Ben Forta will be joining us in person and presenting on ColdFusion + FlexBuilder 2. This is going to be a awesome meeting that you are not going to want to miss. We are in the process of securing another location for this meeting. I will send out updates as everything is finalized.

Nathan Strutz on Tips and Tricks with CFEclipse

For the February 22nd Meeting we have our own Nathan Strutz on tips and tricks coding with CFEclipse. About 3 months ago Nathan joined our development team at Interactive Sites and to watch him fly around the Eclipse IDE is nothing less than amazing. It seems that CFEclipse is the only IDE that I have seen that the potential of getting the HomeSite+ diehards to switch. The problem that we all seem to face is getting over that hump of learning the new IDE. In the meantime check out Nathan's site at

Mike Brundt and Patrick Quinn on SeeFusion

Mike Brundt and Patrick Quinn from Webapper will be presenting on SeeFusion.

SeeFusion is a jar file that you can add into your ColdFusion server to really take an in depth look into how your application is performing. This is such an important tool in the development of a high availability application.

We will be giving away a 2-server Enterprise copy of SeeFusion ($498 value).

In the meantime check them out at

Adobe's commitment to the developer community

Adobe President & COO, Shantanu Narayen, was kind enough to provide us with Breeze presentation outlining their commitment to the developer community.

Adobe's letter to the developer community

Click here to view the letter.